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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Searching For The Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services In London


You’ve made the right move by choosing to hire a professional cleaning company’s end of tenancy cleaning services for your London house or flat instead of opting for inefficient DIY methods. Now comes the big question – how do I choose the right company? Here are the most common mistakes homeowners should avoid.

Don’t skim through that boring About Us page

The most crucial factor for choosing the cleaners with experience. Head over to the company’s history info, usually found on the About page on their website, and make sure they aren’t brand new to the industry. While London is an overpopulated city, working in the business for a couple of years can’t guarantee that the cleaning company has faced most of the horrifying hidden dangers tenants tend to leave behind.

Don’t be ashamed to ask about detergents

Some people think asking for information on a company’s oven, upholstery and carpet cleaning detergents are unnecessary because it will make them seem insolent or suspiciously trying to steal the cleaners’ secrets. Any reputable firm that values its customers will gladly inform you on the types of chemicals it uses, the safety regulations and the varying efficiency depending on the situation. After all, you can’t use one ultimate detergent on every single surface or fabric.

Don’t hire the most or least expensive cleaners in London

Higher rates don’t automatically guarantee a higher quality of service or a higher level of experience. Even if you can afford the heftier prices out there, don’t press your luck with them. The same goes for the cheapest cleaners – they could be qualified and just working for a cheaper company, but it’s safer to steer clear from what looks too good to be true.

Don’t compare prices only in your neighbourhood in London

Some boroughs have cheaper overall living standards, so it makes sense that luxurious neighbourhoods will house companies whose services will be priced in accordance with these standards. The same goes for poor neighbourhoods. In either case, the price won’t guarantee the expeditiousness of the cleaners. Expand your search of London based end of tenancy cleaners outside your borough and compare prices with long-distance companies.

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