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As a capital city, London and its surrounding areas are overpopulated. We all have to rent properties and when the time for end of tenancy comes we are facing ane and the same problem The end of tenancy cleaning in South London  Most locals and foreigners alike don’t have the slightest idea that the city’s damp environment provides an excellent home for tens of thousands of microbes, germs and bacteria whose most favoured settlement is your carpet’s microscopic mesh of fibres. To Be Clean as a professional Cleaning company can help with this problem

That, along with the fact that 80% of the flats and houses in  South London have carpeted flooring, gives companies offering professional carpet cleaning services a vast pool of customers. Unfortunately for said companies, it also increases the competition, so some of them start playing dirty.

Many Londoners research the carpet cleaning services by relying on online reviews and that’s exactly one of the dirty tricks shady companies use to their advantage. They easily hire freelance copywriters from sites like Craigslist, Elance, Upwork and so forth who then write reviews, posing as different customers who have been satisfied with the company’s allegedly outstanding services. This practice is much more efficient than deleting bad reviews and leaving out only the positive ones from genuine customers.

So, how can you avoid getting misled by such reviews of carpet cleaning services in London?

Check the company’s history. If they’ve been in the industry for less than 2 years and already have dozens of positive reviews, chances are many of them are fake.

Check the negative reviews. Are there only a couple of unhappy customers and hundreds of satisfied ones? That’s probably because the company has paid for high ratings.

Check the reviews in the middle rankings. Those reviews are usually explaining the true pros and cons of the carpet cleaning company’s services in thorough detail and are the most reliable sources, regardless of the platform.

Always keep this in mind – when people are pleased with someone or something, they are less likely to leave a review compared to people who have been wronged and angered. The latter type is always willing to vent out their sorrows on the internet and warn others to steer clear of said company.

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All Our Cleaners are well trained to use Professional PROCHEM carpet machines for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services.We use Professional dip tank cleaning method for our oven cleaning services.When it comes to window cleaning we use high reach water-fed pole with purified water for window cleaning services and more.

We provides the cleaning equipment and detergents only for some cleaning services like End of Tenancy, Carpet, and Upholstery cleaning. One-Off Deep Cleaning do not include any cleaning equipment and detergents in the price. Our cleaner can provide all cleaning materials for an additional fee of £17

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London and our Deep Cleaning services in London have a top quality guarantee.

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